The Founder
Milika Mushota also known as Lady Vonse was born and raised in Lusaka, Zambia up until she pursued a degree in Accounting and Finance at the University of Kent in the United Kingdom.  As a student she worked in some of London’s prestigious department stores, fulfilling her love for fashion. Graduating with a first-class honours, she landed a job at a top Fortune 500 Oil and Gas company where she worked with senior-management personnel and other executives from across the globe. This entailed a high level of professional etiquette and outlook. Combining her interest in high-end fashion with her exposure to leading management practices, she founded Vonse Classy to serve professionals. Vonse Classy is a subsidiary of Vonse Group Limited. The group includes, Vonse Fitness, Vonse Travels and Vonse Home which depict her 20 Kgs weight loss journey and over 20 countries adventures including her love for a cosy home! STAY CLASSY!
The Brand - Vonse Classy
Vonse Classy pledges to serve individuals through professional training, coaching and image Consultancy. We cover all facets of Image Consultancy from Fashion and Style Consulting to Communication and Etiquette. At Vonse Classy, we believe that making a great impression and fortifying your credibility are crucial to career trajectory. Our goal is to help individuals THRIVE on both local and international platforms by shaping them into polished professionals. “Vonse Classy is the foundation for individuals prepared to STAND OUT, STAND TALL and DARE TO RISE."​ Lady Vonse.